Mecvel Actuator

Mecvel has been producing electrical linear actuators with deep experience and high solution flexibility since 1987 and has developed a variety of products dedicated to motion transmission, providing advanced solutions in the field of linear automation. These products convert the rotational motion of the motor into a linear motion to push, pull, lift or position loads higher than 20 tons. Thanks to the company's experience and technical knowledge, as an important customization service provided in line with customer demand; it allows the product to be adapted to specific technical specifications (mainly in terms of strength, speed, stroke and power supply) with innovative and high performance, and each product is structured according to the application requirements in detail in the r&d process.

Electrical linear actuators manufactured by the company provide many benefits as they are suitable for different industrial areas. From agriculture to medical industry, from seafaring to renewable energies, from heavy industry to railways, defense, packaging, etc.