Gamak Electric Motor

GAMAK was founded in 1961 to address the lack of domestic products on the “electric motor” sector, which is one of the most important products needed by the Turkish industry to carry out further production. In a short time, the production of the first electric motor of Turkish origin began and created an alternative to solve the problems associated with the cost, supply and prices of spare parts created by the use of imported motors. It was admired for its quality and continued to grow and develop day by day.

In the last 60 years it has become one of the major electric motor manufacturers not only in Turkey, but also in the world and today with electric motors produced from 0,06 kW to 3000 kW, Gamak managed to meet almost all motor needs of the industry. It produced almost every part necessary for electric motor production and collected all production under one roof in its own plant.

Gamak transferred its experience in motor production to wind turbines with the awareness of being the leading company in Turkey and started to produce generators at 5MW power level of wind turbines which are being used in Turkey today.