Birn VTP Air Conditions Pulleys

VTP®-Pulley (Ventilated Turbo Pulley)
The high end product of the V-belt pulley industry is the VTP®-Pulley, internationally patented by the BIRN Group, a V-belt pulley of a completely new design. Made in GGG 60, with an increased material strength two-and-a-half times higher than conventional V-belt pulleys, the VTP®-pulley can be used under the most difficult working conditions. Thanks to the weight reduction of up to 50% the
VTP®-pulley allows use of smaller bearings as well as easier handling of assembly and shipping plus reduced logistics costs. Due to the tilted spokes stress relieved castings are guaranteed.

High resistance to wear due to nodular cast iron GGG 60
The best nodular cast iron quality GGG 60 allows the peripheral speed to be increased up to 100 m/sec.

Higher effects transmission
Due to ventilated grooves the V-belts will have a lower working temperature which is of great importance for the life-span of the V-belts. Reduction of the V-belt temperature by up to 17°C doubles the
life-span of the V-belts compared to standard V-belt pulleys.

CDP (KTL) Coating
A new method of coating, the so-called CDP (KTL) coating (cathodic dip-painting), is applied for all BIRN V-belt pulleys. Due to this cathodic dippainting, protection against environmental influences is considerably improved, so after 480 hours of salt spray test the rust degree is between Ri 0 and Ri 1, which provides an excellent resistance to rust. Furthermore this coating process is very environmentally friendly compared to conventional methods, with a paint yield of approx. 98.5% and no pollution of the air at all.

- Increases the life of the V-belts due to the ventilated grooves resulting in working temperatures reduced by up to 17°C.

- A weight reduction of up to 50% means less moments of inertia as well as reduction of logistics costs. In addition assembly is easier, and smaller bearings can be used.

- Due to production of nodular cast iron and tilting of the spokes, stress relieved castings are guaranteed, in this way diminishing risk of damage during transport and mounting.

- Ideal for use at high ambient temperatures.

- Allows more than a doubling of the peripheral speed, up to 100 m/sec.

- CDP (KTL), as a new surface coating, ensures considerably improved rust protection and saves the environment at the same time.

The BIRN Group is one of Europe's leading producers of transmission components and always stocks a complete range of V-belt pulleys, torsionally flexible couplings as well as pin & bush couplings.