Y Series / Horizontal Type Gearboxes

Product Details

25 different sizes;
Torque range: 1.200 - 43.000 Nm
Speed range: 2.6 - 990 rpm


Specifications and Advantages

  • GGG40 nodular steel housings,
  • 22000 series bearings,
  • Centre distance according to ISO standards
  • Easy maintenance,
  • Wide range of industrial applications,
  • Wide range of housing sizes and transmission ratios.

Additional Accessories

  • Cooling options including cooling coil, air/oil heat exchager and external heat exchanger,
  • Forced lubrication options,
  • Shrink Disk,
  • Backstop,
  • Hydraulic and mechanical couplings,
  • Electromagnetic brakes.

Gear Unit
Size [1 and 2 Stages]
Ratio Range [i]2-62-61-68-207-218-208-197-228-198-217-218-19
Nominal Torque [Nm]2.2503.9006.1001.8003.3005.2007.26010.50015.00019.00027.50037.500
Output Shaft 
Diameter/Length [mm]
Gear Unit
Size [3 Stages]
Ratio Range [i]22-10122-10623-10123-10322-9521-10323-103
Nominal Torque [Nm]5.4007.90010.80015.00020.00027.00043.000
Output Shaft 
Diameter/Length [mm]
Gear Unit
Size [4 Stages]
Ratio Range [i]108-500104-504118-50697-529108-530104-504
Nominal Torque [Nm]6.70010.50014.48024.00030.00043.000
Output Shaft 
Diameter/Length [mm]

The Y series consists of gear units designed for heavy-duty operation in industrial environments. Various coupling options for motor and gear unit (hydraulic and mechanical, chain drive and different belt types) are available. The Y series housings are made from GGG40 nodular cast iron. The gears are made from case-hardened steel and grinded. Cooling options are available if required for the application. The YRE types are designed for extruders and withstand a high axial load on the output shaft. The extruder housing and main housing are cast together for high yield strength.