T Series / Hollow Shaft Helical Gear Units

Product Details

10 different sizes;
Torque range: 200 - 18.000 Nm
Speed range: 46 - 280 rpm


Specifications and Advantages

  • Monoblock housing design,
  • Ten different sizes,
  • 200 - 18000 Nm torque range,
  • Torque arm option,
  • GG20 - GG22 cast iron housing,
  • Backstop,
  • Suitable for different mounting positions.

Additional Accessories

  • Backstop,
  • Shrink Disk,
  • Torque Arm,
  • Special sealings,
  • Glass oil level indicator.

Gearbox SizeTT17TT27TT28TT37TT47TT57TT67TT77TT87TT97
Ratio Range [i]5 - 305 - 305 - 294 - 285 - 305 - 305 - 315 - 305 - 306 - 31
Nominal Torque [Nm]2004506008201.5503.0004.3008.00013.00018.000
Hollow Output Shaft Diameter [mm]Ø30Ø35Ø40Ø45Ø50Ø60Ø70Ø80Ø100Ø125

The TT Series gearboxes are helical-geared, two-staged, output-shaft-mounted units with a hollow output shaft and a monoblock housing. All axes are machined in a single operation to achieve exact tolerances. The gears are arranged to optimize minimum housing volume. So that it was possible to get higher torque values in smaller housing volumes. Housing material is GG20 cast iron and gears are made of high-quality case-hardened steel. Material properties and manufacturing processes are continually controlled. The TT series gearboxes have hollow shafts and a compact housing so that they can be mounted in smaller spaces. They are mounted to the machine using torque support arms. Connection holes on the gear units are used for mounting. Supplied without motor, the units are belt-driven. When selecting gear units the overhung load acting on the input shaft must be checked against the permissible values on the performance tables according to input speed.