K Series / Bevel-Helical Type Gearboxes


Specifications and Advantages

  • Monoblock housing design,
  • Wide ratio, torque range and two or three stages can be in same housing
  • Reduction can be increased up to six stages,
  • Standard IEC B5 or B14 motor flanges,
  • Electromagnetic brake option,
  • Long life bearings
  • GG20 and GGG40 cast iron housing,
  • 58-62 HRc hardened and grinded gears.

Options and Accessories

  • Output shaft and flange options,
  • Servomotor specific connection flanges,
  • Electromagnetic brake motors (24V/220V/380V),
  • Backstop application,
  • 500-1024 pulse encoder applications,
  • External fan cooling option for frequency inverter applications.

Gearbox SizeK00...K10...K17...K20...K27...K28...K37...
Ratio Range [i]7 - 1216 - 1297 - 1095 - 1397 - 1.7596 - 3.5006 - 3.467
Nominal Torque [Nm]80140200280450600820
Hollow Shaft Diameter [mm]Ø20Ø30Ø30Ø35Ø35Ø40Ø40
Gearbox SizeK47...K57...K67...K77...K87...K97...
Ratio Range [i]6 - 5.2277 - 6.6128 - 12.6817 - 15.61910 - 12.78911 - 15.680
Nominal Torque [Nm]1.5502.7004.3008.00015.00020.000
Hollow Shaft Diameter [mm]Ø50Ø60Ø70Ø90Ø110Ø120

K Series gearboxes are bevel gearboxes with monoblock housing. They are intended for applications requiring higher efficiency and strength. Their input and output shafts are perpendicular to each other. K Series gearboxes combine the advantages of the E Series’ mounting options with the monoblock housing, higher efficiency and higher torque capabilities of the M series. They offer flexible connection options (IEC B5 or B14, direct or solid input shaft mounting). Bevel gearboxes can have a maximum of three stages in a single housing. Larger sizes are available only with three stages in a monoblock housing. A higher number of transmission ratios (up to six) can be implemented through the use of additional housings.