B Series / Industrial Gearboxes with Bevel Stage Input

Product Details

14 different sizes;
Torque range: 2.500-165.000 Nm
Speed range: 0.1 - 115 rpm


Specifications and Advantages

  • Monoblock housing design,
  • Mounting can be done from all surfaces,
  • Six different mounting positions from M1 to M6,
  • Standard IEC B5 motor flanges,
  • Cooling and lubricating options according to working conditions,
  • Complete solutions including eldro brake, hydrolic coupling and electric motor on steel base frame,
  • Backstop and electromagnetic brake solutions,
  • Output shaft options including shrink disk and splines according to DIN 5480,
  • Output flange options.

Additional Accessories

  • IEC B5 Motor flanges,
  • Output flanges,
  • Shrink Disk,
  • Backstop,
  • Hydrolic and elastic couplings,
  • Cooling options including external heat exchanger, internal cooling coil, integrated fan, external air/oil cooler
  • Forced lubrication options,
  • Oil heater, oil flow sensor, oil filter, glass oil level indicator and special sealings
  • Expansion tank.

Gear Unit SizeB.03..B.04..B.05..B.06..B.07..B.08..B.09..
Ratio Range[i]10 - 5911 - 6713 - 7016 - 8712 - 33015 - 41912 - 348
Nominal Torque
Output Shaft
D / L
Gear Unit SizeB.10..B.11..B.12..B.13..B.14..B.15..B.16..
Ratio Range[i]15 - 43112 - 32016 - 41213 - 32715 - 39613 - 29314 - 322
Nominal Torque
Output Shaft
D / L


The B series consists of helical-geared industrial gear units with bevel stage input. Input and output shafts are perpendicular. On its new products YILMAZ REDUKTOR puts the power density one step further. The new B series is optimized for power density, i.e. to achieve the highest rating at the smallest possible dimensions. But because high power density also means increased thermal load, the new products are provided as standard with various cooling options. Efficiency is further enhanced through the use of high-grade lubricants and sealings. Another advantage is the wide range of mounting possibilities: The units can be mounted on any side, directly to the motor flange or to the output flange, greatly simplifying their installation. Because these gear units can be mounted on any side, additional equipment, such as integrated or external forced lubrication or oil expansion tanks are available as accessories. Yilmaz Reduktor also offers tailored solutions for specific applications. Our standard range includes reinforced bearing arrangement or extended bearing distance for high radial load or agitator applications, backstops for single-direction applications such as conveyors or elevators, brakes for hoisting or moving applications, and shrink disks for alternating loads. Special solutions for extruder applications are provided for each size and ratio.